‘Whale harmonies’ performance by Rosana Antolí + TOMAGA

Zabludowicz Collection. Curated by Antonia Blocker.

DOP : Aida Bañeres

Performers: Melissa Sirol / Sarah Kent / Heather McCalden / Carlos Jiménez / Lena Kimming / Elisa Vassena / Karen Callaghan /Thelma Sharma

London, December 2017

About Harmony: ‘The equilibrate relation of forces in movement’ A performance in three parts, Whale Harmonies moves from cosmic order to chaos, influenced by how the vast harmonies of the Solar System’s planetary choreography are entwined with the repeated minimal movements that comprise our daily habits and rituals. Taking the film Werckmeister Harmonies by director Béla Tarr as a key reference point, the performance is an exploration of how we forge time, considering music’s role in constructing this ephemeral and immortal anchor. TOMAGA, the duo also known as percussionist Valentina Magaletti and bass player / electronicist Tom Relleen, and visual artist Rosana Antolí collaborate for the first time for this unique event. Playing with familiar tropes and pushing audience expectations of sound, movement and duration, their new performance promises a hypnotic and immersive experience.