Music video of Lasta Sanco catalan- congolese band. We shot some of the video in Janaury of 2020 in a theatre in Cervera (spain) but the script changed and the video was edited and created on the lockdown for COVID-19 through recolection, remake and edition of videos I shot in old projects and trips. There are images of Saharaui Refugees Camps, Australia, London, Barcelona, Instambul. Some of the images were shot bny filmakkers from their homes, balconies during then lockdown, and then the video become a kind of collaborative project, a Eart trip through the silence and noise, through the Nature and society.

Directors: Aida Bañeres & Andrea Solares
Executive Producer: Coopula Editorial SL
DOPs: Aida Bañeres & Andrea Solares
Images: Aida Bañeres
Camara Assistants & Grips: Irina Cluet & Pau Pomar
Post-production & color correction: Aida Bañeres (