The movement of the other


‘The Movement Of The Other’ Performance by Rosana Antolí.

Silver Sehnsucht Exhibition. Curated by Approved by Pablo.

Camera : Aida Bañeres

Post-production : Rosana Antolí

Teshigahara’s The Face of the Other (1966) is a film based on masks and doppelgängers, philosophical and psychological questions about the identity. ‘The Movement Of The Other’ Performance continued the use of the original script of the movie but rewriting it, proposing to take it from subjective reflections – about the face as the mirror of the soul – to thoughts about movement as a distinguisher of ourselves. Can a movement or gesture define our identity? With group actions such as dance, choreography and speech, and using a chorus to repeat the last words of certain sentences, its created through repetition a highlighted secondary script. This performance also shares similarities with Brecht’s notion of the Epic Theatre. Unsolved existential questions seeking to provoke a link with the viewer in the space and the work displayed in that moment, creating a whole choreography of the different elements inside the room: viewer, architecture, sculpture and performers. This work is in dialogue with the immersive sculpture ‘Chaos Dancing Cosmos’, a continued black rubber cable moving around the exhibition space. A site-specific installation where a particular drawing or trace is expanded from the two-dimensional plane to sculptural and performatic tridimensional space.

With the support of The RYDER Projects. Silvertown. London, 2017